Building technology has progressed a long way since the early days of stonewalls, colonial verandahs and dim and draughty corridors.

It is now possible to design and build a home to make the most of our sunshine and ocean breezes, our warm days and cool nights… a home that relates well to its surroundings, with an abundance of natural light, exceptional levels of internal air quality and comfort… that needs very little energy to run – and that can be built rapidly!

The key is to incorporate a few principles from the first moments of concept design; good shading, high insulation, double-glazed windows, tight construction and a Heat Recovery Ventilation system.

More than 50,000 houses around the world have been designed and built according to these principles since PassivHaus developed the building science and construction methods in Germany in the 1990s.

As builders of the first PassivHaus in Western Australia, we recognise that many of the benefits can be realised without the high level of commitment required for PassivHaus certification.  We call this:

High comfort, Low energy, Rapid construction.