PASSIVHAUS explained

PassivHaus is a construction concept designed to achieve a high comfort, low energy and affordable home.

Comfort is achieved by continuously supplying fresh air at ideal temperature to all internal living spaces.  Clean, filtered air is supplied at all times of the day while stale air is exhausted to outside.  Quiet and draught-free.  Both supply and exhaust air pass (without mixing) through a Heat Recovery Ventilation system that reduces thermal energy losses to as little as 10%.  Each dollar spent on running the HRV saves ten dollars in heating or cooling costs!

Perth homes tend to be too cool in winter or too hot in summer. Read our article on Perth homes here.


Creating a PassivHaus requires:

Both design and construction must be approved by a Building Certifier accredited by the PassivHaus Institute.

The criteria include:

Documentation required:

Building Certification

PassivHaus certification is stringent and is the world’s most demanding standard for energy efficient building.  The PassivHaus Institut (PHI) is an independent research organisation founded in Germany in 1996 to promote and control the standard.

In 2015 Consortium Builders successfully built the first PassivHaus in Western Australia (read more about the state of Perth Homes here).  The level of airtightness achieved (a measure of building quality) was 0.28 volumes/hr at +/-50Pa, setting an Australian and New Zealand record!

passivhaus comfort explained

Consortium Builders has also developed the expertise to offer High comfort, Low energy, Rapid construction buildings without the very high demands of PassivHaus certification.

Depending on our clients’ budget and preferences, we can design and construct Perth homes using many different systems and combinations of smart elements to create low energy, superior comfort.

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