It can take twice as long to build a home in Perth as in the Eastern States – mainly due to the prevalence here of double brick construction and hard-wall plastering.

In Europe and North America houses are built even more quickly by trucking prefabricated walls to site – often with cladding, insulation and even windows and doors already built in.

ISX-Craning Roof PanelX

Consortium Builders has been using prefabricated elements in high quality homes for many years. We assess the clients’ brief for each project and aim to use accurately pre-fabricated elements wherever appropriate.

The benefits quickly compound.  For example if all walls (and the openings within them) can be accurately pre-fabricated offsite, we can pour a ground slab while the walls, roof, windows and doors are all being manufactured in parallel.  Recently we brought a house in Nedlands from slab to lock up in just 6 weeks with this method.

Early lockup also helps accelerate progress as we can start fitting out the interior while finishing the exterior in parallel.

Fast track construction requires the builder and designer to work closely together from concept stage.  Key materials and methods need to be selected early with documentation focusing on the interfaces between key elements: dimensions and tolerances, fixings and flashing details, waterproofing and air-tightness, thermal bridging and service locations.

When a high quality home is built rapidly, everybody wins!